About FabNit Construction
+ Each item is handmade using a variety of fabrics, fibers, and upcycled sweaters and garmets
+ All items are fully lined
+ Each accessory is UNIQUE--no two items are alike (unless you demand twins!)
+ Each item is a piece of wearable art--adorned with interesting trims, beads, buttons, and . . .
+ Each item contributes 10% to charity

Mickey FabNit ModelFabNit (Fabric Knits) started out of boredom one day while cleaning out my fabric stash. I had all these beautiful remnants and not being a quilter, but not being able to throw anything away, I decided that I needed to do something with the odds and ends. So, I picked up scissors, cut up the fabric, tied it together, and knit my first bag.

My obsession with repurposing led me to making other accessories from old garments and sweaters--upcycled items include hats, scraves, mittens, and jackets and vests (and an occasion dog coat!)

If you don't see what you like (or like what you see), send me a note, and I'll figure out a way to make you a FabNit Fanatic.